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Welcome to the 1st issue of DPCA's eFocus, an electronic newsletter from the NYS Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.  As part of DPCA's goal to promote and facilitate probation services and other community corrections programs,  DPCA will e-publish this brief publication summarizing and highlighting appropriate information to the community corrections community at-large.

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eFocus, Issue 1, Volume 1, October 2002

NYS Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives

Sara Tullar Fasoldt, State Director

Robert Maccarone, Executive Deputy Director



1.  In support of Director of Criminal Justice Chauncey Parker's plan to create a Law Enforcement Electronic Directory, a query-based, secure directory, providing contact information for law enforcement officers statewide, DPCA contacted all 58 Probation Departments for requisite information that will be processed and provided to DCJS. Forty-two probation units have provided information which is necessary to complete probation's pivotal role in the Law Enforcement Electronic Directory.  Probation's response to Director Parker's request has been outstanding. For more information contact Walter Cogswell, Community Corrections Representative II at (518) 485-5162.


2.   DPCA will hold focus groups of all five ATI program models (DBA, Community Service, Pretrial, Specialized, and Alcohol and other Drug programs) and TANF for Community Corrections programs.  The meetings will be held on the following dates: the Defender-based Advocacy (DBA) meeting is October 22nd;  the Community Service Sentencing meeting is December 3rd;  the Pretrial meeting is December 4th and the Specialized and Alcohol and other Drugs programs is December 5th.  The focus group meetings will be held in Albany and will cover a variety of topics important to the DPCA funded community correction programs.  Topics will include: creating community connections; defining the project; Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures; Application and Quarterly Reporting; and Budget and Fiscal Assistance. TANF programs will meet on December 6th.  For additional information contact Pamela Derrick, Community Corrections Representative III at (518) 485-5153.


2.  DPCA has recently initiated contractual discussions with the following grant award recipients to provide services for the shared population of defendants and offenders with serious mental illnesses: the EAC Mental Health Diversion Program in the Bronx; CASES' Nathaniel Project; the Lewis County Transitions to Independence Process (TIP) unit; the Cattauraugus County SAFE Communities/SAFE Futures; the Erie County Shared Population; the Madison County Forensic Case Management Program; and the Albany County Rapid Assessment Intervention and Linkage Program.  A meeting of the five upstate awardees will be held in Syracuse on October 23, 2002 to provide the opportunity to identify and address contractual requirements, and create a collaborative forum for awardees.  A subsequent meeting is being planned for the New York City awardees.  For additional information contact David Singer, Community Corrections Representative III at (518) 485-5168.


3.  A two-day Supervisors Training program will be conducted on November 6th and 7th at the new DPCA training room at 80 Wolf Road in Albany.  This will be the first of a number of regional presentations of the Management Skills for Supervisors program developed for DPCA by Eagle Consultants.  Ten probation supervisors from various parts of the state have been trained as instructors for this program.  The training is free to localities.  For additional information contact Stephen Powers, Community Corrections Representative III at (518) 485-5159.


4. The YASI (Youth Assessment Screening Instrument) project continues and expands. Version 3 of the YASI will be distributed this fall and includes an expanded substance abuse section, software upgrades that incorporate feedback from the sites, a new case management section that will assist probation staff to develop plans for diversion and supervision cases, and a new services tab that will provide for automated documentation of service intervention types.  YASI initial training will be offered to 32 jurisdictions, including12 new "Phase 3" jurisdictions beginning in Broome on October 21st and 22nd,  in Rochester on October 23th and 24th, in Albany and Westchester on Dec 5th and 6th, and in Syracuse on December 12th and 13th.  Additional training for Suffolk and NYC is planned for January.  For additional information contact Norma Tyler, Community Corrections Representative III at (518) 485-5160.

DPCA presented a Juvenile Justice Prevention workshop focusing on the YASI at the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance "Supporting Working Families" Conference on October 7th - 9th at the Desmond in Albany.  


 5.  DPCA and DPCA's TANF programs were featured in the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance "Supporting Working Families" Conference on October 7th - 9th, 2002 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.  The Women's Prison Association and Home, Inc. presented a workshop entitled Where in the State is TANF Money?  Innovative Projects. Cattaraugus County and Onondaga County Probation Departments both presented their TANF programs in Accessing TANF Funds to Provide Community Corrections.  The Onondaga program working with the Salvation Army is an example of Probation teaming with a not-for-profit organization to provide programming. Additionally, TANF for Community Corrections programs at The Fortune Society, The Osborne Association, the Center for Employment Opportunities, and Palladia, Inc. presented and discussed their programs for fathers in a Fatherhood/Non-Custodials workshop.  Please note that Probation Departments and other organizations can also access TANF "service dollars" allocated to counties through local Departments of Social Service. For additional information contact Bernard Wilson at (518) 485-5137.


6.  New address/contact information received from programs:

~ Orleans County has a new email address: lwelch@orleansny.com


Please contact Yvonne Behan at ybehan@dpca.state.ny.us or at (518) 457-5275 for more information on any of the topics mentioned, to report any difficulties you may have experienced receiving this email, or if you have information you would like posted in the next issue of DPCA's eFocus.

DPCA, October 2002


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Community Corrections Representative
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